The time has come for you to place your home on the market and you are wondering if the value to your home will increase if you make certain improvements.  The answer is yes, and here are some recommended improvements that experts have suggested can enhance your selling price.

  • Minor kitchen remodeling provides an average 98.5 percent return at resale.  Consider laminating your countertops, and re-facing the drawers and cabinets.  Purchase new sink and fixtures. In addition a new wall oven will add more attractiveness to your home's resale price.  Brighten your kitchen by replacing the window molding, drapes and window treatments.
  • Minor bathroom remodeling can net you a 102 percent recoup rate at resale time.  You may need to replace the floor, toilet, vanity and fixtures as well as the tub and the tile surround.  If for some reason your tub is unable to fit through your doorway you can give the tub a brand new look by re-glazing it.
  • Exterior improvements are typically the most noticeable when it comes to curb appeal. The average return of these improvements can net you a 95.5 percent return on investment.  Update your front entry by painting and adding vinyl siding. Old awnings can make your home appear dated so remove them from your doors and windows. Instead of guessing what color combination to use on your windows, doors and siding use paint color cards.  Lastly, if your wrought iron railings are damaged replace them with real wood supports.
  • Landscaping is an important home improvement and it can add a 100 percent return as well.  Purchase sod to improve the appearance of your lawn. Speak with experts at your local garden center for advice on what to purchase.  Adding colorful plants to the front of your home will certainly catch the eye of buyers. If you have the budget for a new walkway and fountain it will be a charming addition to the resale value of your home.
  • Attic bedroom conversions usually provide a 93.5 percent average resale return depending upon where you live.  If you live in the West you can get a 105 percent recoup rate while Midwest homeowners normally only realize an 82 percent rate. To lower the utility bills in the attic bedroom add insulation. To understand the correct level of insulation for your area, consult the U.S. Department of Energy web site.