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Tips on Choosing the Right Color for the Home Interior

by Tami Rapaport’s Team

Selecting the right colors for your home is a very personal choice. Many new home buyers want to change the existing colors on walls but they don't know exactly what to choose.

Your color scheme may depend on the size of your home and its rooms. It can also depend on where you live, the architecture and your style of furnishings.

Hues, Tints, Shade, and Tone

Color creates a mood. It can relax or energize. Soft pastels are relaxing while more intense color or hue is energizing. The hue is the purest, boldest and most intense color.

An intense hue such as cobalt blue can be soften into a relaxing light blue tint by adding white. Bright, bold viridian green hue becomes a much milder mint tint when mixed with white. Pure red softens to a pink tint as white is added.

Adding a touch of black to any color deepens and darkens the paint into a shade. This combination will produce the dramatic darker hunter green or burgundy shades popular in living and dining rooms.

A color tone has a hint of gray (black and white mix) to "tone it down" creating more subtle colors. Pale blue-gray, mauve and taupe are popular tones. The combinations of tones, tints and shades are endless, especially when mixed with bold hues.


People living in desert areas often decorate with tan, sand, beige and browns. Furnishing are often in turquoise, terra-cotta and coral as accent colors. Homes along coastal regions often feature blue colors suggesting the water with beige accents. A forested area may see homes using green and brown earth colors.

The accent color can be on doors, window wrappings, baseboards and crown moldings. A darker wall framed with moldings in a lighter contrasting accent color creates a lovely, dramatic affect.

You may select one basic softer color for the walls in most of the rooms of your home and save the family room, kitchen or bathroom for experimenting with bolder colors.

Since color influences feelings, a bedroom in soft pastel tones may be relaxing. A kitchen can be painted in a bright yellow hue, coral tone, green or red shade to make it lively and invigorating.

Remember that darker walls tend to make a room look smaller while lighter walls give the feeling of space.

Enjoy looking at color chips and planning the best color combinations for your home.

Home Buying in Winter Months

by Tami Rapaport’s Team

Many homebuyers with families usually shop for homes in the spring and summer hoping to be moved into their new home before school starts in the fall. The winter season from Thanksgiving until mid-February is usually a slow season for home buying and selling in many parts of the country.

Even home and condominium sales in warmer resort areas such as Florida or Arizona are often completed before the start of the winter season.

Winter is a good time to shop for a home from a motivated seller. Homes that did not sell during late summer and fall may be available at lower prices. Some homes do come on the market at the beginning of the year and you can be the first buyer to make an offer. The buying market is less competitive.

Realtors are not as busy during December and January so they may have more time to spend with a serious potential buyer. Winter is the best time to determine how well a home functions during cold weather in many areas.

  • Learn everything about the heating system in a home that interest you.
  • Also check the roofing, plumbing and insulation.
  • Examine rain gutters and basements.
  • Ask the seller about winter utility costs.

Curb appeal is more difficult in winter in many areas. Trees are bare, shrubs and flowers are not blooming in cold weather regions. There may be snow on the ground but this can also make a home look warm and inviting in winter.

Home exteriors in warmer areas such as the southwest or Gulf Coast may show well during the winter season.


Mortgage rates may be lower during the winter months. Fewer people are applying for loans and you may be able to close escrow faster. This is also the best time to ask the seller for an extended warranty to cover a leaking roof or older heating system.

House-hunting during the winter takes more patience, especially in cold, snowy regions. Many real estate agents don't want to drive through the snow and ice to show a home. You may not find any open house weekends during the winter.

But the good deals are out there during the winter months for home buyers who want to find the right home at a good price.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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