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Homes for sale in Englewood, NJ

by Tami Rapaport’s Team

Englewood, NJ a vibrant and livable city of 29,000 residents, is only a short 10 minute drive north of New York City – yet it has its own thriving arts and culture scene, locally-owned boutiques and shops and fashionable eateries in a popular downtown area.  Englewood is located in the heart of Bergen County and is surrounded by parks and recreational facilities, and is home to the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center. Many of the people living in the surrounding communities come to Englewood for its vibrant night life and Farmer’s Markets.

For those looking to buy homes for sale in Englewood, NJ, they should look no further than the real estate experts at Tami Rapaport. Tami’s team offers unparalleled service and knowledge of the area with plenty of open houses and opportunities for the public to learn about Englewood real estate.  Those looking for a home can simply click on her listings page and search for the home of their dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a simple single-family home or a luxury home with a view, Tami’s listing page offers home buyers a thorough profile of homes for sale in Englewood, NJ. You can customize your search by choosing the city or town, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and price. You can also search by how long the home has been on the market, the year the home was built, architectural style (like Colonial, Georgian, Dutch) and exposures and views. If that wasn’t enough, there are searchable options for particular styles of home like ranch-style and condo and many different options of waterfront property (like bay & lagoon-front, dock, and Lakefront).  Sign up for daily e-mails from Tami’s team to give you a leg up on the latest listings and homes for sale in Englewood, NJ.

Talk to Tami’s team today about homes for sale in Englewood, NJ and finding the best home that fits your family’s lifestyle needs. Englewood’s real estate market is full of beautiful properties for families, retirees and empty-nesters looking to move out of the city.

Attending an Open House in the Tenafly, New Jersey Area

by Tami Rapaport’s Team

While technology is getting better every day, you can only spend so much time online searching for homes before taking the plunge and touring them in person. A website is not going to tell you about barking dogs in the neighborhood, or a flight path over the house of your dreams. Attending an open house in the Tenafly, New Jersey area is the perfect way for a homeowner or first-time buyer to get the true feel of a home, neighborhood, and surrounding community. Tami Rapaport’s team of real estate experts host many open houses throughout the Tenafly area and are ready to answer your questions about homes and home buying.

Why Attend an Open House?

Sure, it’s easy to look at homes via the internet but attending an open house will give you the opportunity to interact with an experienced real estate agent and ask important questions like: What are the schools like in the area? What improvements have been made to the home? Is there water damage? You will also be able to “kick the tires” and check for wear and tear and inspect the foundation before you commit.

Potential home buyers can also learn about other properties listed by the real estate agent and inquire about taking a tour. Other benefits include helping a buyer narrow down their list of selections and decide which qualities they like best. Granite counters might sound nice on paper, but they might not reasonable for your cooking style. Attending an open house is also a fun way to check out homes with no pressure to commit.

An open house is a great way to meet and interact with real estate agents if you haven’t already chosen one. You can develop a rapport, ask questions, learn more about their experience and share with them the kind of home you’re looking to buy.

How to Find an Open House

There are many ways to find listings when you plan on attending an open house in the Tenafly, NJ area. You can do a random Google search, check listings on Craig’s List or go to the website of a trusted real estate agent like Tami Rapaport. Tami’s Open House web page has up-to-date listings of open houses not only in Tenafly but the rest of Bergen County, New Jersey. You can search by neighborhood and date to get information homes before you head out the door.

While they may seem impersonal to the inexperienced home buyer, attending an open house is a great way to tour a home without feeling rushed, compare notes on other homes, and get information from qualified real estate agents.

Talk with Tami Rapaport’s well-qualified team about attending an open house and how they can help you find the home of your dreams.

Top 3 Reasons for an FHA Loan

by Tami Rapaport’s Team

When most people begin to look into buying a new home, the most common type of loan they think of is the venerable 30 year, fixed rate mortgage loan. However the Federal Housing Administration mortgage loan or FHA loan has become much more popular due the economic slow-down. Even with its varied benefits, many people still do not know much about this type of federally insured loan.

What is an FHA loan?

The Federal Housing Administration is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD. To promote homeownership, especially for first-time buyers, an FHA loan is a federally insured mortgage with less restrictions. This allows more people to qualify to purchase a new home. Lenders are protected from loss if a borrower defaults, due to the FHA covering the loss through mortgage insurance paid for by the borrower. This protection allows lenders offering FHA loans better options than standard mortgages. Here are the top 3 reasons for an FHA loan when looking for a new home.

#1 Fewer Requirements

The whole purpose of the FHA loan is to promote homeownership. If there is one thing economists can agree upon it is that homeownership is important to a healthy economy. With the housing bubble crash of 2007, thousands of homeowners across the nation either lost their home or had their home’s value plummet. Sales of new homes also dropped and the home construction industry went into a slump.

While FHA requirements for a loan were low prior to the financial crisis, the need for FHA loans is higher than ever. Credit is the biggest factor. Economists have been taking banks to task throughout 2012 for being stingy when issuing credit which kept many potential home buyers from getting the loan they needed. The lowered need for a good credit score to obtain an FHA loan means a lot of people whose credit suffered during the economic downturn can get a new home and start working on repairing their credit.

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) which is a specialized FHA loan designed for homeowners whose homes are worth less than the mortgage they are paying on. A refinanced FHA loan through the HARP program allows the homeowner to have lower monthly payments which helps prevent them from defaulting on their loan.

#2 Lower Down Payment

Trying to come up with the 20-25% cash down-payment has been a deal breaker in many potential home sales. With an FHA loan, however, the down-payment can be as low as 3.5% of the sale price. This allows first time home buyers who have not had the time to accumulate the cash needed to still buy a home.

#3 Other Costs Covered

There is more to a home purchase than the sales price. There are also closing costs, appraisals and potential title expenses. The FHA allows some of these costs – such as a builder covering the closing cost - to be paid by other parties as inducements to purchase a home.

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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