Most homeowners have had to endure costly repairs to their homes, seemingly at the most inconvenient times possible. Roofing repairs always seem to pop up during rainy season for instance, and the air conditioner always breaks down when temperatures begin to soar. At least some of those costs can be avoided by a conscientious program of regular home maintenance. Here are some of the most common ways to save time and money with regular home maintenance.

Don't Pay Full Price for Tools

Handyman tools can be very expensive, especially good power tools - but you do need some of these on hand to address as many home issues as possible. Yard sales can be a great place to find used tools still in good working order, and they are commonly listed in local classifieds as well by owners who are buying new sets and want to get some value from the old set. When you need a very large tool or even a power tool that would be seldom used, consider renting it at a local rental shop.

Remember Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can literally save you a fortune sometimes, if you keep it in mind as a regular routine. Clearing your gutters of debris and leaves might prevent a water dam that comes through your roofing, and sweeping snow off the roof during winter might prevent a catastrophic collapse. Other good ideas are covering pipes in winter to prevent freezing, clearing shrubbery away from your air conditioner, and periodically draining your water heater to avoid sediment buildup.

Stay Organized

As odd as this sounds, it can be fairly significant. If your tool shed is a mess, with things scattered about the area, you might spend a lot of time looking for that one wrench you need for a task - or you might concede defeat and go buy another one. The concept can be extended beyond the tool area to include anything around the house you should organize so that it can always be found when needed.

Shop Around for Major Repairs

When you're faced with a major repair project - say a replacement of the furnace - shop for the furnace and the contractor separately. Very often, separate pricing is considerably cheaper than buying the furnace and having it installed by the same vendor. Chances are you'll find a great deal by avoiding the huge markup applied by some contractors for service.