The arrival of spring brings a number of home improvement and cleanup projects. Debris often clogs rain gutters during the winter months. With heavy rains likely during this time, one of the most important home preparation tips for spring to consider is cleaning rain gutters. Homeowners can take advantage of this opportunity to install screens over the top of their gutters to help keep leaves out in the future. It might also be necessary to adjust the slope of the gutters if they drain too slowly. Spraying them with a water hose after removing debris can help homeowners determine if there is proper drainage.

Spring is the best time for scrubbing down walls, especially for those who have wood burning stoves or fireplaces because soot and grime can accumulate during the winter and leave walls looking dingy. In order to properly wash walls, all you need is a cleaning bucket, mild detergent and sponge mop. Walls that are covered with flat paint may not be able to be cleaned, but could require repainting instead.

One of the best home preparation tips for spring involves air duct cleaning. Those who are prone to allergies could find themselves suffering even more in spring when a great deal of pollen is in the air. Some of their suffering could be eliminated by hiring a professional company to clean air ducts. In addition, vacuuming register vents and changing the air filters in an air conditioning unit should also be done during this time.

Spring is an ideal time to clean out closets and get rid of clutter. A yard sale can be held with unwanted items or they could also be donated to charitable organizations such as The Salvation Army, The Arc, or Goodwill Industries. As a rule, clothing or household items that have not been used for at least one year should be donated to charity.

After the danger of first frost has passed, it's time to consider pruning shrubs and trees. Cut and dispose of dead or diseased tree limbs in order to keep trees healthy. Trimming bushes will help spur new growth while helping them maintain a pleasing shape. Pruning rose bushes and grapevines promotes new flowering while keeping them from becoming unruly.

Home preparation tips for spring also involve cleaning the exterior of a home. Power washing vinyl siding is recommended in the spring in order to keep it looking like new. Doing so not only removes dirt and grime, but can also eliminate any mold that might pose a health hazard.

Sprucing up the home is always a project that makes people feel good about themselves and their residence once it is completed.