If you are planning to buy a new construction home, it is wise to have an experienced buyer's agent represent you in the transaction. You do not pay for the advice and representation of someone looking out for your interest. The seller pays the agent's commission.

The buyer's agent is experienced in negotiating the contract for the sale of a new and often unfinished home. Your agent should be familiar with the builder's reputation for quality. This is of major importance in a development where the building company hires its own agents to sell the homes. That agent represents the builder and developer, not the buyer. 

You may have the choice of buying a new home that is not yet built or only partially completed in a development. You will decide how you want the home to look. You can plan to have the basement finished off with walls and floor covering or just leave it with a cement floor.

You may select a new home from several plans the builder has available but you want to make minor changes. These changes may have additional costs. This is where the buyer's agent can help you in the negotiations. Your agent knows which incentives the builder will offer to close the sale.

Many first-time home buyers are attracted to new home communities. They qualify for a loan but they are on a tight budget. The buyer's agent knows which upgrades are better as a do-it-yourself project to save money. The buyer's agent will recommend and negotiate a contract that does not include certain extras such as a built-in patio barbecue that you can build later.


Your agent is familiar with homeowner association requirements that are usually part of a new home community. The buyer's agent is the best person to explain the CC&R concept in all of its detail. A seller's sales agent may not tell you that you cannot keep your motorhome in the driveway and that the exterior color of your home must conform to neighborhood standards.

The type of fencing allowed and other architectural controls are included in the contract when you agree to purchase the home and accept the regulations.

The real estate agent representing you will follow the sale as it goes through the escrow process. Your agent will make sure the builder covers all of the details of your contract.