If you are selling your home you want two things to happen; you want it sold fast and you want top dollar for it. But these two things do not simply happen by chance. You need to put some effort into selling your home.

By following a few simple rules you can increase the odd that you will sell your home quickly and pocket a nice amount of money.

Let Go
You need to stop viewing your home as “my house” and start viewing it as “a house.” Look at it as a product that needs to be sold. Take your emotions out of it. Picture yourself handing over the keys to a happy buyer and you getting in your car and driving away for good.

Take down all the family photos, heirlooms and personal items that make your home unique. You want to make sure it appeals to the largest number of buyers possible and that can’t happen if your personal belongings are still in the home.

Prospective buyers need to see themselves living in your home and that is going to be difficult if it looks like you still live there.

Remove all the clutter from your home. Take the knickknacks, books and other small personal items and store them away. Keep clean lines throughout the home. The less your buyers are distracted the better.

Organize Closets and Cupboards
Buyers have a tendency to snoop around a bit and will sometimes open bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets. The last thing you want is them to see a closet stuffed to the ceiling or a dirty cabinet.

Clean out and organize all your closets and cabinets so they look spotless. This will give buyers the impression that you have taken excellent care of your home throughout the years. Also, you should keep a box of items that you use daily, like toiletries, stored in one of your closets to keep them out of sight of the prospective buyers.

Make Cosmetic Repairs
If you have a leaky faucet or a cracked floor tile now is the time to fix them. These small imperfections can add up and deter many buyers. Replace burnt out lightbulbs and worn out rugs. All these minor fixes can be accomplished in a weekend and will help present your home in the best possible light.