Built in 1872 and opened for service in 1874, the High Victorian Gothic style Tenafly railroad station began its life as a rail station and later served trolley passengers. A debt of gratitude is owed to George Huyler who not only donated the station’s land but also paid one third of the construction expenses. The other two thirds of the costs were borne in equal measure by the Northern Railroad of New Jersey and local citizens.

Daniel T. Atwood was the architect for the well-loved station, which almost 80 years later, in 1963, came under the ownership of the borough. More recently, in 1994, thanks to funding from the New Jersey Historic Trust and the city of Tenafly, the station was restored and has become a point of pride once more. Today, the station no longer serves rail or trolley passengers – instead, it serves hungry diners as a quaint café.

Those who look closely will find a marker established by the Bergen County Historical Society on Piermont Road. The Marker – one among a series established by the Historical Society – is adjacent to the train tracks and opposite Huyler Park. In addition to its local prominence, the Tenafly railroad station is listed in both the New Jersey and United States Registers of Historic Places. It is also included in the Historic American Buildings Survey Inventory.

For those who enjoy exploring local and regional history, the Tenafly railroad station isn’t the only historical site to visit in the area! In fact, you can spend a delightful day (including lunch at the café, of course) by touring the eight other historical markers found within a mile. Here is a list of these markers with approximate distances from the station:

  • British & Hessian Invasion (~ 0.3 miles)
  • Roelof Westervelt House (~ 0.3 miles)
  • Everett – Dunn House (~ 0.4 miles)
  • The Christie-Parsels House (~ 0.6 miles)
  • English Neighborhood Union School (~ 0.9 miles)
  • Cap’t John Huyler’s Farm (~ 0.9 miles)
  • Huyler’s Landing Road (~ 1.1 miles)
  • African American Baptist Church Cemetery (~ 1.1 miles)