Top Things To Look For In A Home

As first-time home buyers, you may be a little overwhelmed by the numerous decisions you will be facing. There are quite a few, but focusing on the most important choices will help you put everything else into perspective. Relax, take your time, and utilize the following guidelines when considering a home purchase.


Start with the neighborhood. Realistically, can you see yourself living there? While it's relatively easy to gain information on shopping centers, school systems, and crime rates, the bottom line should always come down to whether or not you feel comfortable. After that, it's all about the house. Scope out the exterior, and consider the condition of things like the roof, soffit, siding, rain gutters, the foundation, and the driveway. These are things that can be costly if repairs are needed. Pointers: Watch out for dips in the roof, or shingles that look worn and discolored, as well as loose soffit, peeling paint, or dry rot anywhere on the house.


If the outside of a home is in good condition, chances are the interior will be as well. Look for upgrades, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the floors throughout. Does the home come with updated appliances? Are the cabinets and counters appealing? Remember, if a house has been staged, it's wise to picture what it looks like without all the fluff. Make sure to note the condition of major appliances--furnace, water heater, HVAC. If the house has a basement, it's crucial to make sure it's dry, and there are no signs of water damage. Look for basements that have been sealed and finished. Note the condition of a home's ceilings; look for tell-tale signs of water damage.

Forewarned is forearmed. Any home on the market should be structurally sound, both integrally and cosmetically, and any mechanical components should be in good shape. Buying a home needn't be bewildering, dark, nor scary; bearing in mind the most important considerations will keep the pathway to making a savvy purchase well lit. Happy hunting.